Saturday, rest

Sunday, elliptical + swim 1/4 mile

I want to to talk about failure today. This is not something I have written a lot about on the blog. It could be because it makes me a little bit uncomfortable to write with a negative or pessimistic voice. Or I don’t want to jinx myself and my goals.

The truth is sometimes we fail in life. Wow, that sentence is difficult for me to even type. Failure is part of the learning process, and helps us become better. I believe that a lot of people won’t try new things because of the risk of failure.

With marathon training starting tomorrow, and a possible lake triathlon this year, I have been thinking about failure a lot. What if I put in 16 weeks of hard work, pay for the race, travel to Cleveland and then I’m slow or my stomach is bothering me. Or what if I panic in the swim leg and drop out of the triathlon?

Both situations suck but they are possibilities. When I really think about it, I know that these are the risks you take when you race. As I become more serious about running and setting PR goals, I can feel the pressure weighing more heavily. The truth is, I’m the only one that really cares whether I hit my marathon PR. And I need to remind myself that these goals don’t define me or make me a better or worse person. Running is something I do because I love how it makes me feel and not to prove anything.

I am a pretty determined person, but I have dealt with failure before. I tried out for my college dance team twice before I made it on my third try. I felt so discouraged each time, but I knew a lot of it was my nerves during auditions. I kept going back, even after family members encouraged me not to (they didn’t like seeing me fail either). The moment I made the team, I felt so grateful. I cherished my two years on the team because it had been such a long process to even make it.

Tomorrow morning on my first speed work day I am going to run to the best of my ability. I will do this every day of training, and enjoy it.When training for a race, it’s not just about the end result, but all of the weekly mileage it took to get there. For 16 weeks, I am going to enjoy the training process. Happy running!

Do you fear failure?

What is something you have failed at?

4 responses to “Failure

  1. Glad you wrote about that! Don’t forget it’s the journey! Glad you are venturing outside of your comfort with the swim!!!

  2. Nice entry Laura! I think “failure” is look at all wrong in the US. I have dealt with the same issues and I agree that people do not do things a lot because of the idea of failing. I always tell my students (and myself) that the only way to fail is to not try, and I truly believe it. You are amazing for doing all of this training no matter what happens at the race…although I know you will be amazing!

    • Thanks Colleen! It is so important to push ourselves or we will never grow and change. You inspired me with all of your new talents and classes you take. I can’t wait to catch up and hear about your January 🙂

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