Week 1- Cleveland Marathon Training

Thursday- 15 mins strength + 30 mins spin


Saturday- 8 mi easy pace + swimming

I have been a slave to the treadmill this week. The weather has been crazy, including a snow day on Monday, rain and temperatures in the 50’s on Wednesday, and back to 14 degrees this morning with the wind chill in the single digits. Needless to say, all of my first week of training took place on the tready.

I’m okay with all this indoor exercise, but I’m hoping to start working my way outdoors in the next few weeks. Here is an overview of Week 1.

Monday- 3 x1600 @ 8:00

Tuesday- Spin class (cross train)

Wednesday- 6 mi tempo

Thursday- Weights & Bike (cross train)

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 8 mi (marathon pace + 30 seconds) & swim (cross train)

Sunday- Rest (I thought about hitting the pool again, but I want to be fresh tomorrow)

I really enjoyed both runs on Monday and Wednesday. They were a very good challenge for me and I’m looking forward to more speed work. My training plan on Saturday had me aiming for a 10:00 pace and I felt that this was too slow, so I started at a 9:50 and sped up every 2 miles. I think the plan simply calls for a slow pace on long run day because the mileage will build up pretty fast over the next few weekends.

Here are some recent eats!


There are little honey filled hard candies. A much more natural candy alternative!


Yummy dates dipped in a little bit of Better N’ Peanut Butter.


Pretty good popcorn, but basically just air popped with sea salt. Easy to make at home!


Kevin made mussels Friday night!


Salmon with a maple soy glaze and whole wheat noodles with veggies

I am off to do lot’s of grocery shopping and food prep! Have a restful Sunday.

Anyone watching the game tonight?

What did your week of eats and workouts look like?


2 responses to “Week 1- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. Good job on your training and knowing when you need a break …less is more sometimes:) Fruit only Smoothies ramped up my mileage, speed, and recovery …have you tried them?

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