What I ate Wednesday!

Monday-4×800 @ 7:45 pace + swim class

Tuesday- Spin class (cross-train)

Wednesday- 4 mi AM, group run PM

It has been a long week already. It could be the weather or the monotony of my schedule that is making things go so slowly. I prepped lots of healthy eats this weekend, so I have been enjoying yummy meals and snacks. I boiled eggs, cooked quinoa, cut some veggies, and made cabbage soup.

Training has been great and that 7:45 pace on Monday was a good challenge for me. Here is a running clothes pic before the 10+ layers I’m adding to go to group run tonight. I look tired. Zombie eyes!


Let’s get to a full day of eats for WIAW. Thanks to Peas and Crayons for this fun food link party!


Plain greek yogurt with cinnamon, almonds, banana, and oats. Plus coffee.


1/2 Sweet potato with lowfat cottage cheese. Cut veggies and an apple.




Orange, almonds with cranberries, and eggs.




Cabbage soup and egg whites on a WW english muffin



I tried this chocolate pudding with a few almonds sprinkled on top. Pretty tasty.


Tell me about your eats and workouts? Anything fun and exciting?


One response to “What I ate Wednesday!

  1. i wish you could make me food for a week !!!

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