Week 2- Cleveland Marathon Training

Thursday- 30 mins stair stepper + strength

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 9 mi 9:45 average pace

Week 2 is complete. The Run Less, Run Faster training plan has been an easy fit into my schedule. I have been enjoying the 3 days a week of running and the cross training. Also, the prescribed mileage and speeds have been just right.

Summary of the week:

Monday– 4 x 800 @ 7:45


Wednesday-7 mi (4 AM, 3 PM)

Thursday-Cross & strength


Saturday– 9 mi

Sunday-3 mi easy

I had another snow day yesterday (Friday). It was really nice to have the day off, but all of the snow dumped on us kept me from running outside for my long run. I did get to run 3 miles outside on Wednesday though.

Today I met a friend at a café downtown for coffee and it turned into a meal. It was fun to catch up and have friend time! I had their amazing oatmeal and caramel coffee.


Yesterday I had a yummy treat from McDonalds.


What is your favorite dessert/treat?


2 responses to “Week 2- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. Looks like you had a good week! Hope everything continues to go well.

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