Raw Food Enthusiasm

Sunday- 4 mi relaxed pace

Monday-1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400m + Swim

Tuesday-Spin class

Wednesday-5 mi AM 8:33 average pace, Group run PM 4 mi

What a crazy week! It is nice to finally have a moment to check in with you guys. Work has been a little bit stressful, so I’ve been spending my free time sweating for endorphins and keeping up with my grad classes. Let’s catch up.


On Sunday I went running with a friend of my dad’s and blog reader, Susan. We ended up running a 2 mi out and back, with a little bit of snow and a lot of sunshine. Susan and I had a lot of similar interests to chat about. She told me about being a raw food enthusiast, with a focus on blended fruit smoothies. After our run Susan gave me a lesson!


*Make sure to use ripe bananas and also include some frozen bananas.

*Add a little bit of water to the bottom of the blender to get everything moving.




*Banana, orange, strawberry, blueberry, & grape



I have been making myself fruit smoothies every morning this week. Monday and Tuesday I had them alongside my typical breakfast. Today I had just the fruit smoothie for breakfast and it was the perfect amount of fuel.

Monday-Strawberry, orange & banana


Tuesday-Banana, grapes, & orange


Wednesday-Strawberry, banana, orange, & pear


I used to make smoothies every once in a while, but never with just fruit. I am really enjoying this tasty and simple breakfast. Let me know if you try it, and what you think!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Any healthy date night ideas?

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