Getting social

Thursday-Rest day

Friday-10 mi, 9:12 average pace

Happy weekend! I confess that I have been in weekend mode since yesterday at 4pm because of mid-winter break. The free day today was glorious. I have been really bad about keeping up with fun pictures, so here are a few highlights.

Last Saturday night Melissa was in town and we tried out this little wine bar and brew pub called VinoMondo. Kevin and his friend Tim joined us too. We had such a fun night there and really enjoyed the wine flights.


photo (15)

photo (16)

On Sunday I went back to Local in Ferndale for brunch. Amazing meal once again. I had an omelette with different types of onions and ricotta cheese. Fruit, and WW toast on the side, plus we had raspberry scones for the table.



Kevin and I made pizza and roasted veggies on Wednesday that turned out better than we expected. Great meal!



Next up, new shoes!! The highlight of my week was taking these bad boys for a spin Wednesday morning. I wear Mizuno Wave Inspire, and these are the 8th generation. I swear I could fly.



My sweetie and I went out to a little coffee shop on Valentine’s Day for sandwiches and live music. Red wine at home afterwards…it put me to sleep on the couch. Oops!


More updates to come, including Week 3 of marathon training recap!

Have you tried any new bars or restaurants?

Any fellow Mizuno runners!?


4 responses to “Getting social

  1. I bought my first pair of Mizuno shoes (Wave Elixir) in late December and I when running in them, I always feel like I could fly, ,too! The food looks way too good 🙂

  2. your new shoes are adorable!!! you are lucky you like every generation of those shoes!

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