Week 3- Cleveland Marathon Training

Today-5 x 1000 @ 7:53 + 30 min swim

Another week down! As my schedule at school is filling up for the rest of the year, I am realizing how quickly the next few months will go by. And then it will be marathon go time!

Recovery fruit smoothie on Friday


On Monday morning I did my speedwork outside before school. I usually feel energized after a run for the rest of the day, but this one was draining. I attempted to make it through the rest of my Monday.

My tempo run on Wednesday was broken up into 5 miles in the AM outside, and 4 miles at group run in the PM. Both runs felt really great, but the sidewalks in this town are ridiculous. Never salted or plowed.


Long run was a toughie. The wind kicked my ass and I had to refuel with 1/2 banana at mile 7.5. I took my new handheld water bottle, and slowly started to get used to it. I usually use a belt with attached water bottles that sits on my hips. The sidewalks were awful again, so I had to change my route and run an out and back on a quiet road. The best part was knowing how hard I worked and that I could push through the elements.

Summary of the week:

Monday– 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400m sprints with 200m rest intervals (RI) between + Swim


Wednesday-9 mi (5 AM 8:33 average pace, 4 PM 9:30ish)


Friday-10 mi 9:12 average pace

Saturday– Rest

Sunday-Unplanned rest!

Other recent events include making breakfast cookies, deep cleaning my electric toothbrush, watching the finale of Downton Abbey and getting pre-approved for a mortgage!

IMG_2368   IMG_2367

IMG_2278   IMG_2279


Anyone else training for a spring race?

What was your best run/workout this week?


One response to “Week 3- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. congrats and you are amazing!!

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