Hydration Nation

Wednesday-6 mi tempo run

Thursday-45 min stationary bike

Friday-Spin class

Hydration is on my mind despite the cold temperatures. Planning for water intake during a long run can take some organization. I usually train during the warm summer months and basically put a water bottle on every corner in town. Water fountains are good options in the summer, but along our water front there is really only one fountain. I like to take in water every 2 miles or so, and energy gels every hour in double digit territory. I drink water all day every day.


Here are some options:

Hydration belt

photo (14)

I am used to having this around my hips during my longest runs. I secure the velcro tightly so that it doesn’t bounce around much. I usually only fill the bottles half way at a time so it’s not too heavy. I like the extra pocket for chapstick, tissues, money or GU. I either refill at water fountains or plant some water bottles on street corners.

Handheld water bottles

These bottles have a strap that secures around your hand so that you don’t have to expend more energy holding it. It has a nice little pocket too for extras. I like that you can fill it with a lot of water, but I felt a little bit lopsided on my first run with it. After adjusting the straps and switching hands every 10 minutes or so, it was better.

Plant bottles around town

I like to have more water available as opposed to less. So on a 15 mile loop I might put 2 full water bottles/sports drink spaced out on different corners. That way I can hit the same bottle multiple times and refill my fuel belt.

How would you feel if this creeper was hiding a bottle on a corner in your neighborhood? Winking smile


Secure a running groupie

Have a friend or family member meet you part way through a difficult long run with fluids and other goodies like a towel, candy, or just a pep talk. I am working on making Kevin my groupie. In the past I have had my mom and my in-laws help out during or after a run.

I like to use GU energy gels once I get into double digit miles. I love all of the flavors, and it really gives me a carb boost.

photo (15)

Bananas are a natural option too. I had a piece of banana during the Chicago Marathon and my long run last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed and needed it both times.

And then you get some fun runs that need a little bit of this…


What do you like to drink while you exercise?


4 responses to “Hydration Nation

  1. I would feel GREAT if this creeper was planting water bottles in my hood. haha. Love you.

  2. I typically opt for plain water, boring eh? I used to use a hydration belt, but I got a lemon! Would you have a chance to post a link for some of your favorite ones, or a page of running gear you’ve tried and work for you? Thanks!

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