Week 4- Cleveland Marathon Training

Saturday- 11 mi, 9:25 average pace


Oh, rest day. Thank you for helping me recover and energize for my speed work tomorrow. Today I have been catching up on homework, watching a few shows, and making omelettes. Later Kevin and I are going to a few open houses and exploring some new areas.

I am proud of my long run from yesterday. I was doubting myself during the first few miles because of the wind and the icy/snowy roads. Half way through I found my groove and I was loving every minute of it. Plus the wind was at my back for the second half! I need to remember that my mind might think that 11 miles is nothing, but my body is just getting back to higher mileage. I am a little sore today, so rest is a good thing.

Both tempo and speed work days were really tough for me this week. I’m hoping the fast paces will start to get easier and make me a speedy bunny.

Summary of the week:

Monday– 5 x 1000 @ 7:50 + swim


Wednesday-6 mi tempo run

Thursday-Bike 45 minutes

Friday-Spin class

Saturday– 11 mi LSD @ 9:25


Last night Kevin and I made the yummiest meal! Stuffed pasta shells and stuffed bell peppers. Stuffing everything reminded me of The Little Mermaid when the cook is trying to stuff Sebastian. Smile

IMG_2374   IMG_2371


Have a restful Sunday!

What are your favorite rest day activities?


2 responses to “Week 4- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. Napping is my favorite rest day activity! That’s also my favorite post-long-run activity…

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