Running for the Weekend

Monday-3 x1600m @ 7:45

Tuesday-Bike/elliptical 45 minutes

Wednesday-3.5 mi AM, 5.4 mi PM

I don’t mean to complain, but this week is dragging! It has been an exhausting four days at school and I’m really looking forward to some down time. Also looking forward to my long run! Melissa is going to help me out and bike some miles next to me.

I had some trouble at the gym Wednesday morning for my tempo run. I needed to do 6 miles, but my stomach was feeling off. I met my mileage later in the day at group run and we had a beautiful night. It all worked out. Smile


I donated some old Mizunos at Elite Feet!

I have been munching on omelettes, sweet potatos, salads, greek yogurt, bananas, and oranges this week. Also lots of nuts and nut butter! Here is a quick dinner of tuna salad sandwich (made with hummus) and tomatoes and carrots.


I couldn’t eat the whole sandwich so I saved part for lunch tomorrow. BOOM!

What are your favorite week day meals?

Any fun plans for the weekend!?

2 responses to “Running for the Weekend

  1. Great job on those 1600’s! Our midweek meal was a load of spring mix with fresh blended dressing: Tomatoes, peach, mango, green onion, splash of lime and cayenne pepper. First attempt at this dressing and may just be a new fav!

    • That sounds soooo yummy. I need to get into making dressings, and I want to try this one!
      Thanks for that snowshoe harlem shake video. Runners are silly, snowshoers must be too. I will have to post it on here 🙂

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