Knock Out Stress


Saturday-12 mi, 9:30 average pace

Everyone has stressors in their life. It is easy to forget when you are so caught up in your own world and all the craziness of life. Lately stress has been affecting my skin (I need a facial) and my eating habits (I need a nutritionist). While chatting with a coworker and my sister-in law Melissa, I realized that everyone feels the effects of stress and it’s just a part of life.

I think stress is a little like a rollercoaster, with time periods that are more or less stressful. I would say the last year has been pretty low stress until lately. And I can already feel things calming down currently.

I have been searching for ways to relax and keep calm, so here they are.

Ways to Knock Out Stress

  • Keep exercising! Don’t let life get in the way of your very important sweat session.
  • Drink H2O and lots of it. Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Add calming activities to your schedule. Reading, yoga, chatting with friends, or having a coffee break are ways to relax during a crazy time.
  • After your calming activity, go to sleep! Try to keep your sleep schedule the same and shoot for 8 hours. I know my sleep is disrupted when I’m stressed, so I try to get even more than 8 hours a few times a week.
  • Treat yourself. Grab a coffee Friday morning, a new sweater at the mall, or get a massage or haircut.
  • Talk to people about your stressors but don’t obsess. If I talk about an event all the time and to everyone who will listen, I am letting it take over my life. People or events that stress you should not get any “free rent” in your brain. You can choose your conversations and thoughts so keep them uplifting. (A little venting is allowable though).
  • “Accept life’s challenges. Try to see challenges as opportunities that will help lead you toward joy in your life.” MESSA Health magazine
  • Eat some of these bites of heaven!

photo (18)

Do you have the winter blues? Bring on spring!

How do you handle stress?


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