Sweet Saturday & Spinning

Today-14 mi 9:15 average pace

Oh Saturday, you treat me so well. I had an amazing run this morning, and I’m becoming a believer in Run Less Run Faster. My last 2 miles were in the 8:50 range! I had 2 running group friends join me for the first 5 miles, and the rest was solo. Great weather and great morning!

After the run, Kevin and I went to check out a few houses. Melissa and Mitch joined us in our search and it was fun to have them with us. No purchases yet!


I was chatting with my friend Alli this past week and we were talking about spinning. We both said how fun it is and that the instructor is crucial to a good class. If you haven’t tried a spinning class before here is what you need to know!

Spinning for Beginners

1. Arrive early to get fitted on a bike. The instructor will set the bike up for your height and you should write the numbers down for next time.

2. Bring LOTS of water! A plastic lunch size bottle won’t cut it.

3. Grab a towel to throw on your handlebars for sweaty rides.

4. There are a few different types of rides including Endurance, Strength, Interval, and Race. The names are self-explanatory and you can expect different heart rate targets for different rides.

5. There are 3 positions for spinning class. Seated climb, standing flat (standing straight up with handles gently resting on the handlebars closest to your body), and a standing climb (standing with your back arched over, booty sticking out and back, and hands touching the top of the handlebars).

6. Instructors may do some jumps where you go from sitting for 4-8 counts, to standing for 4-8 counts. Try to keep this movement smooth and count out the beats on your own instead of following the crowd.

7. Another training method is to work one leg at a time. This strengthens both sides equally. The non-working leg continues to rotate but the strength should come from the one side.


  • Towel
  • Water
  • Capri workout bottoms
  • Any workout top & sports bra
  • Optional: Cycling shoes that clip into the pedals

*Try a few different instructors to see who suits you best. I like a teacher that uses upbeat music and has a lot of fun. My fav instructor often has theme rides like “Prince vs. Rolling Stones” and “Jungle Ride”. Funny.


Here are two yummy meals. The first is whole wheat pasta with these brussel sprouts. And second is a little carb-loading meal of PB2 & banana grilled sandwich plus a spinach omelette.



What is your favorite type of fitness class?

Any fun plans this weekend?

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