Week 6- Cleveland Marathon Training

Today- 6 x 800’s at 7:53

I have reached that sweet spot in training where everything feels right. I am adjusted to my schedule of run 3 days, cross 2 days, and rest 2 days. I look forward to my weekend long run the most! This past Saturday rocked my world. It was a beautiful morning and everything just clicked.

Huge shout out to Kate’s Downtown for letting my sweaty self use their bathroom and grab a cup of water. Kate is so sweet and told me to stop in anytime! Plus their brunch is fabulous.

I use a lot of mind tricks while running (long & speed work). Today during my 800’s, I dedicated each 1/2 mile to someone in my life. I thought about that person the whole time so I could take my focus away from the treadmill punishing me. First was Kevin, my mom, my dad, sister-in law Melissa, bestie Colleen, and one to my(kick-ass)self. It really helped pass the time.


Lately at the gym I have been listening to Lana Del Ray or Lumineers pandora stations. Pop music is more upbeat, but I focus on the music more with these stations. And then if I need a last mile pick-me-up I switch to Mike Posner.

Summary of the week:

Monday– 2 x 1200’s

Tuesday-Bike & strength

Wednesday-7 mi tempo (8:50s)

Thursday-Spin class


Saturday– 14 mi LSD @ 9:15


Here is some pizza from Casey’s in Port Huron. Kevin and I dined on pizza and icecream Saturday night!


What are your workout plans for the coming week?

Any big exercise milestones?


5 responses to “Week 6- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. You are so good! am looking forward to trying out run less run faster for the Poho Half in June!!!

  2. Aw thanks Laura, that is such a good idea and so sweet! I miss you so much! Cannot wait to catch up with you. I cant wait to get an update on your house hunting!!

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