Week 7- Cleveland Marathon Training

Monday- Bike 40 minutes + Hip hop cardio class

Today- 12 x 400’s @ 7:10 pace

Why hello there blog world. I have been a bit MIA lately, and I wish I had a super cool reason why. I just spend every non-working, non-running, waking minute looking for a house! No luck just yet. I thought we might get lucky on St. Patrick’s Day but the two we went through were no bueno.

Also, I have been dragging lately! I am so sick of the snow and cold temperatures. I need some Vitamin D stat! I keep hoping we will one day reach 45 degrees.

I am looking for new ways to refresh my eating habits. I have been a bit bored of the usual salads & sweet potatoes. Any new ideas are welcome!


Here is the only food picture I have taken recently. This is a post-run meal of egg, egg white & spinach omelette, 1 piece of WW toast, and a plain greek yogurt with strawberries.

Summary of the week:

Monday– 6 x 800’s @ 7:50

Tuesday-Spin class 

Wednesday-8 mi tempo (9:00’s)


Friday-Bike 35 minutes + Abs 

Saturday– Rest

Sunday– 10 mile, 9:07 average pace

There you have it. Despite the cold temperatures and everyday boring life stuff the running week was a highlight. I’m excited for the weeks to come!

Tell me what you are loving to eat right now!?

What workouts are you looking forward to this week?

One response to “Week 7- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. Good job, stay strong, spring is almost here!

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