Week 8-Cleveland Marathon Training

Today- 2 x 1600’s @ 7:45

Another week is done, done, done! Kevin and I made a brief trip to Cleveland this past weekend to visit his brother and family. I started to get excited for the weekend of May 19th to make that trip again for M(marathon)-Day.

Last week was an extra rest day kind of week. It was very much enjoyed! I loved my 15 miler, and ran 11 of those miles with a running group buddy named TJ. She is thinking of joining me for 16 next weekend. Boom! I have trained almost entirely on my lonesome this season, so it’s great to have some company.

Summary of the week:

Monday– Bike 40 mins + hip hop cardio

Tuesday-2 x (6 x 400m)


Thursday-6 mi tempo  


Saturday– 15 mi @ 9:25 average pace 

Sunday– Rest


My meals have still been a bit boring lately, besides some delicious kale chips. I have big plans for spring break next week to try some new recipes and foods.

Greek yogurt bowl with fruit and walnuts


Kale/spinach salad with cucumbers and black beans


Oats with PB2, blueberries, banana and walnuts


I read this great article about spring foods to rev up your metabolism. It made me excited for warmer weather and local produce! I was thinking of highlighting one food each week and including some recipes.

Any fun plans for the holiday? It means we get an extra day off to fit in more exercise!


2 responses to “Week 8-Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. Awesome work this week! Extra rest days are definitely wonderful. 🙂

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