Week 9- Cleveland Marathon Training

Saturday-16 mi 9:35 average pace

Happy Easter!! I hope everyone is having a beautiful spring day full of family and tasty food. We celebrated last night with Kevin’s family for dinner and had brunch there today. Kevin and I are just relaxing tonight, although I am on spring break and will be relaxing all week. This week is definitely going to help me power through the rest of the school year, grad classes, marathon training, and house hunting!

Purple pants & Toms! Yay for spring!


It was an awesome running week. I loved my 16 miler with running friends and the miles flew by. Tempo and speed work went well too. Yahoo! The only mistake I made this week was with deadlifts during my short strength session on Thursday morning. Run Less, Run Faster has recommended strength exercises like squats, lunges, upright rows, and overhead press. I love deadlifts, but I haven’t done them in forever and they are not part of the program. The backside of my legs and glutes are still tight! I will be saving deadlifts for after May 19th.


Spinach salad + black bean and mozzarella burrito on WW tortilla


Another black bean burrito with mini-sweet bell peppers and low fat cottage cheese


Quiche with cottage cheese, mozzarella, broccoli & cherry tomatoes

Sweet potato fries on the side



Treats from Hawaii that Kevin received at work


I am planning a series of posts about spring foods that rev your metabolism and help with dieting. Kiwi is first on the list!

Any fun Easter meals or treats?

What do you have coming up on your race calendar?


One response to “Week 9- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. You must have pick up the pace after you dropped the dead weight at the half way mark! Great job.

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