Week 10- Cleveland Marathon Training

Friday-12 mi, 9:19 average pace

Saturday-Indoor triathalon

My spring break in one word…movement! I had such a fun week with 2 long runs, an indoor tri, speed work, and hip hop dance classes. I love the flexibility that I have for scheduling my run and not having to rush out to the dark streets at 5am. I am really looking forward to summer!

Speaking of summer, my run on Wednesday was 26 degrees and windy! Yuck. Here is my latest head fashion. Baseball cap, headband, and a braid. Oh and a running jacket. Is it really spring?


This week Kevin surprised me with spin/cycle shoes! I had been complaining that my arches were bothering me during spin class, and that I may need to invest in spin shoes or ask for them for my birthday. Surprise! They came 2 months early and I am obsessed with them.


The only upset this week was my attempted speed work on Monday. The wind was kicking my ass so brutally that I gave up mid warm-up. I decided to go home, change into gym clothes, and attempt the run on the treadmill. By the time I made it home from the track, my stomach was bothering me, and I had an hour to go meet our realtor. The day instantly became a rest day, and I pushed the speed work over to my cross-train day. It was all happily ever after!

Summary of the week:

Monday– Rest

Tuesday-4 x 1200’s at 7:50 + zumba

Wednesday-10 mi, average pace 9:10

Thursday-Hip hop cardio class

Friday-12 mi, average pace 9:19

Saturday– Indoor triathalon

Sunday– Rest

Also, no house yet! We are working hard and hopefully will find something by the summer. Wish us luck! Here is a little life inspiration I thought you might like.


What were the highlights and upsets of your week?

Anyone else tried an indoor triathalon?



4 responses to “Week 10- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. I hope the indoor tri went well! That’s a bummer about not finding a house yet! I love reading about all your work outs and such. I use to be that way and hope to get back to that.

  2. Good luck with the house hunt! And yay for new shoes. 🙂

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