Week 11- Cleveland Marathon Training

Saturday-20 mi, 9:28 average pace

The focus of my week was thinking about, planning for, and running my 20 miles today. It is done! Every long distance run is a little adventure. It seems like there is always a little surprise or something that changes your plans. Today, it was rain, sleet, and snow. Luckily it didn’t hit until the last 5 miles.

I started my run with TJ and Kristy from my running group. We completed a 10 mile loop with dry conditions. The conversation is always going and makes the time fly by. We stopped for a few water breaks, and I took one GU.


Once we made it back to the starting point, I found my next running partner.


Kevin agreed to help me run the last 10 miles! He was such a trooper considering he does not run long distances. I started to get tired once we were in the teens, but another GU helped me push through. Kevin kept commenting that the rain/sleet/snow felt good, so I tried not to complain. During the last 2 miles, I frequently told Kevin “I love you”, “Thank you”, and “If I don’t make it through this-I love you”. Pretty dramatic, no?

While running today, I suffered from LSD-brain (Long Slow Distance). Symptoms of LSD-brain include poor decision making skills, problem solving skills, and difficulty with overall cognitive functioning. Some examples are…

  • Near falls because of carelessness
  • Difficulty crossing busy streets
  • Difficulty assessing mileage and pace calculations
  • Failure to press Start on watch after a refreshment break

**This condition is something I have made up and may only occur to me.

Post run I did my favorite things! Foam rolled, lounged around in sweats and compression socks, and took a nap. I drank a post-exercise Gatorade beverage, coffee, lots of water, and ate a bowl of cereal. I made cookies today too! I love a delicious cookie on a long run day.



Summary of the week:

Monday– 1000, 2000, 1000, 1000m

Tuesday-Spin class

Wednesday-7 mi tempo

Thursday-Bike 45 minutes


Saturday– 20 mi, 9:28 average pace

Sunday– Rest

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Anyone else ever suffered from LSD-brain?

What are your favorite treats to follow a tough workout?


2 responses to “Week 11- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. great job! …my first 20, nearly puked;)

  2. you are amazing. Your dramatic comments to kevin made me laugh so much. I think it is ADORABLE! You are the best!

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