Week 12- Cleveland Marathon Training


I am way behind on my summary from training last week. It has been a busy week! I have 20 miles planned for tomorrow and I’m really excited. I know I’m prepared physically since I ran it two weeks ago, so it will be a mental game. I’m going to run alone while Kevin is mountain biking at a nearby park.

The weather is finally starting to improve, although we have had quite a few days of rain. This past Wednesday I ran in the morning and evening on the treadmill-so boring! I love sunny skies at somewhere around 55-60 degrees for running. I hope to be so lucky on May 19th (marathon day)!

Here are a few pictures from lately! Walking the boardwalk on Sunday morning, my mother in-law’s birthday present from Kevin and me, and a hot chocolate during my all-day homework session on Sunday.

photo (19)

photo (21)

photo (20)

Summary of the week:

Monday– Rest

Tuesday-3 x 1600s

Wednesday-4 mi AM, 6 mi PM

Thursday-Spin class


Saturday– 13 mi 9:20 average pace

Sunday– Rest

How is the weather in your area?

Any big races coming up?


2 responses to “Week 12- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. Let me know your route. I am running with my couch to 5k ladies at 8 and I might be able to handle a couple of miles after that. I managed to catch another upper respritory infection so I am not 100%, but I should beable to keep you company for a little while.

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