Week 13- Cleveland Marathon Training

Saturday-20 mi, 9:38 average pace

Congratulations to my friends Jordan and Jenn for running their first full marathons! They pushed through the rain and made amazing times.


Another 20 mile run is in the books. Melissa decided to join me at a park about an hour away. She did some rollerblading beside me and made the first 12 miles fly by before she had to leave. Thanks Melis!

photo (22)

I finished the last 8 miles on my own and it was tough. I’ve never run long distances at this park, but holy hills! I’m sure the incline wasn’t too extreme, but a large portion of the paved trail was continuous rolling hills. My town where I have been training is flat as a pancake, so this 20 mile run was my only hill training to date. Ouch! I feel surprisingly good today and not much stiffness at all.

photo (25)

I took 2 gus, and planted water and gatorade half way through the 6 mile loop. I also had a solid meal after the run. I came down with the worst headache (maybe a migraine) of my life a few hours later. I don’t like to take any pain medicine, but I did take a little and felt better soon. Ouch again! I’m still trying to figure out why I sometimes get headaches after long run days.

photo (26)

The weather was absolutely perfect for this run! It was all sun, and we started around 45 degrees, and I ended somewhere near 60. Beautiful! Plus we saw a deer, and some cute little birds.

10 miles

I am getting excited for my May and June race calendar! I am running the Color Run in 2 weeks with my friend Alli, her fiance Tony, and Kevin. Next is the Cleveland marathon in 3 weeks, and then some downtime before the Port Huron Half Marathon at the end of June.

Plus a camping trip to celebrate Mitch’s 30th birthday.


Summary of the week:

Monday– 10 x 400m

Tuesday-Spin class

Wednesday-4 mi AM, 6 mi PM



Saturday– 20 mi

Sunday– Rest

Tell me about your Saturday in the beautiful sunshine!


6 responses to “Week 13- Cleveland Marathon Training

  1. It looks like you ran at Stoney Creek. It is hilly for just 6 miles, much less more than that. Kensington Metro Park out inSouth Lyon also has a lot of big hills and an out and back is 14 miles-ish.During the summer when you have time you may have to check that one out too! 🙂

    • I NEED to practice hills this summer for sure 🙂 I will have to check out Kensington and maybe meet you for a run at Stoney! It was stoney that I ran 20 at and it was good preparation for race day. Thanks for reading Kate!

  2. I can’t stop laughing!!

  3. Congrats Jordan!!!!!!! Laura you make me laugh. Those hills will make you stronger for Cleveland! You are so close!

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