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Cleveland Marathon Review- Part 2

Saturday-5.5 mi with Melissa

Monday-10 x 400m with Mel again! + ab video

Here is Part 1 of my review. I left off at the start line and I did this because the race weekend was quite the story. Here we go!




Robert and I had our watches ready to go, and we made it through the start line only 4-5 minutes after the official time. The start area wasn’t congested and it went off perfectly. Robert took off at his pace, and I tried to maintain 9:40 second miles for the first 4-5 miles.





My pace plan for the day was to start off with 9:40 minute/miles, and then hold a 9:30 for the bulk of the miles, and push at the end to stay the same pace or speed up.

It was difficult to keep such a close eye on my watch and I think I probably would run how my body is trained if I would just let it. I’m a freak about the numbers though and didn’t want to start out too fast.

The water stations were somewhat congested and there were many that I had to stop and walk to get close enough to grab a cup. I tried to make up for lost time right after the station and probably expended some extra energy doing this. After the half marathoners split off around mile 12.5 the stations got much better. The heat and sun really kicked in at this point too, so I was wishing the water stations were closer together than every 2 miles.

I stayed true to my pace plan until miles 20-26. The heat and sun really got to me and I had to alter my plans. Running experts advise to change your pace and goal time during the heat, and I probably should have slowed my pace down from the beginning in order to maintain a steady pace throughout. I really do believe that you can have a marathon experience that doesn’t make you want to die or quit running if you are smart about even pacing. This, however, was not that day for me.

I considered quitting. I started panicking about not being able to finish. My breathing would get really quick and shallow, but then I used some positive thinking and deep breathing to bring my self out of this funk. I stretched for about 20 seconds around mile 20, and stopped for a quick potty break around the same time. I also began to walk through the water stations. Every water station involved multiple cups of water because I was so hot/thirsty/dehydrated. Another mistake I made- for that kind of heat I should have carried water on me to refill at the stations. I was pretty miserable. Every person with a hose drenched me, but I just couldn’t cool down. My last chocolate GU made me soooo sick to my stomach I thought I was going to be sick. Oh boy, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon right?

Another awful thought in my head was of hate toward the spectators just lounging with their friends drinking an iced coffee. I wanted to be in their shoes so badly, and seriously reconsidered my love of marathons.

Somehow, the miles kept ticking by and I tried to remember that this miserable feeling wouldn’t last forever. At one point I saw an official time clock and realized that I was still on pace for a PR under 4:31. These are the moments that help me realize how strong and capable I am, because I somehow survived and crossed the finish line at 4:22.


The finish line was great with quick handouts of our medals, bananas, water, chocolate milk, and popsicles. The popsicle was amazing! I wasn’t too hungry and my hunger never really kicked in that day or the next. I think the heat was the biggest factor because usually I’m incredibly hungry after a marathon.



It was a great race, and I think the half-marathon course was really awesome. The full course had some really boring looooong streets right in the sun. Everything was well organized, and despite the heat I do want to run another marathon soon.

Tell me about your favorite/worst race experience?


Cleveland Marathon Review-Part 1


What a whirlwind weekend we had! It was an emotional one full of smiles, panic, laughter, and let’s face it pain. I finished in 4:22 and got a new PR by 9 minutes. My last PR was in Chicago last fall at 4:31.

The heat and sun really took a toll on me near the end of the race. I think I especially suffered because I trained in 30-40 degree weather through the winter & spring.  

Let’s begin with the day before the race. Kevin and I were traveling to Cleveland and I decided to confirm my registration and bib number through the website. I typed my name in and nothing came up. I tried a few more times and attempted to put in my maiden name just in case I made a mistake while registering. Still nothing. I figured there must be a problem with the website so I checked our bank statements to see what date I registered on. It wasn’t on there. I slowly realized a crazy stupid mistake I had made and panic hit me hard. I had not registered for a race that I spent 16 busting my ass for and talking about to anyone that would listen.


Kevin calmed me down as usual, and made a plan to save my sorry butt. The race website said they were still selling some marathon spots at the expo. We decided to get to the expo and see if there were still spots left. The back-up plan was to sign up for the half marathon and still have a fun day. It was of utmost embarrassment when I had to explain to Robert, Kevin’s brother who also raced, what I had done. I’m pretty sure I heard 15 month old Eli chuckling in the background.

We made it to Robert and Carrie’s house and played cars & read books. Then we headed down to the expo and found the registration and packet pickup. Amazingly, there were marathon spots left! I was so relieved and could finally relax. The price had increased but I sucked it up.



The race shirt is a cute short-sleeved tech shirt in white. The expo was well organized and packet pickup was really quick. The shopping was decent but  I didn’t need anything.



Dinner was pizza and pasta and I was in bed by 9:30. I slept really well, and I wasn’t too nervous when my alarm went off at 4:00am. We were ready and out the door by 4:45. My wonderful husband Kevin drove us to the city and parked the car, while Robert and I made our way to the start area.



The best thing about the Cleveland marathon was the bathroom situation. The race started just outside of the Brown’s football arena so all of the bathrooms in the stadium were available. This was 100% better than the typical porta potties with crazy long lines. Amazing! We were early to the race so there was time to relax, check out the start corrals, and find Kevin.

At 7:00 the race began!

26.2 miles of crazy

**I set this post to publish this morning! I finished the marathon in 4:22!

I realized today that I will be running 26.2 miles a month before my 26th birthday! Crazy and super cool timing, right? 26 just might be my new lucky number. At least for this year.

I had a great and really tough training season and I pushed myself to speeds and 20 mile runs that I didn’t know I was capable of.



I loved sprinting around my neighborhood at 5am, and getting more into biking and swimming for cross training.


I loved meeting new running friends and I enjoyed the comfort of running with family.




I loved learning to run and dress for winter running, and using and abusing the treadmill.


I loved how running & training kept me sane when life was stressful.

And now…words from Melissa

Cleveland spring marathon, it’s almost time.
Your motivation and dedication should be a crime.
Through snow, ice and rain you ran.
Checking off tempo and sprints on your plan.
Running circles in your neighborhood.
I don’t know how you did it, it’s amazing you could.
You are strong and ready for this race.
Just breathe and steady your pace.
I am so sad to miss this day
All your hard work will for sure pay
Smile, blog, run, gu and repeat.
You have 26.2 miles to go on those feet.
Love u Lo!!

 photo (25)

Here we go for 26.2 miles!!

The Color Run Review

Thursday-30 min bike ride


Kevin and I ran The Color Run this past weekend along with 15,000 other runners. I ran this race last year, and signed up to run with my friend Alli and her fiance. However, a lack of planning and a mass of people meant that we never found them! Kevin and I ran as a couple and still had a blast.

photo (42)

We arrived pretty early for packet pickup the morning of the race. I was worried about parking and all the craziness of last year. The shirts are better looking this year and so is my husband! 🙂 Haha. Then we waited for the start!

photo (39)     photo (40)

Kevin didn’t mind how goofy and wired I was before and after the race. A lot of dance moves were thrown out that morning that I didn’t even know I was capable of. And I didn’t mind Kevin kicking my butt during the 5k. He had me convinced that if we ran really fast we might find our friends. His plan was unsuccessful but fun.

photo (37)

We finished full of color and with smiles on our faces. Kevin let me take him into the stage/color party area and go a little crazy dancing and throwing my yellow color in the air. This picture below is for you Melissa & summer 2012.

photo (33)

photo (32)

We stayed the night before at a hotel, so getting back to shower and grab continental breakfast was perfect. A mini-vacay!

What fun races have you tried?

What is your favorite color!?

Week 15 & 16- Cleveland Marathon Training

Tuesday-6 mi tempo run

Today-6 x 400m

Hey there Wednesday. Thanks for the gorgeous weather.

I am combining these last 2 weeks of training summaries because I am behind with last week and also pretty much done with training for this week. I’m also done with training for this marathon! Is that crazy or what? The 16 weeks really flew by, and I had some great running buddies this season to help.

Thanks to…

TJ, Kristy, Melissa, Chelsea, Amy, PH 1/2 marathon training group & Kevin

In other news, Kevin and I ran the Color Run last weekend and we had a really fun day. I will review the race soon. Also, we may have found a house but we are waiting for the final agreement! EEK! We can’t wait to own our first home. Smile

Also, I tried some quinoa pasta and loved it! I am serious about my carb-loading this week.

photo (44)        photo (43)

Summary of week 15:

Monday-45 min bike ride + ab video

Tuesday-5 x 800ms with local 1/2 marathon training group

Wednesday-6 mi group run + ab video

Thursday– House hunting Smile


Saturday– 5k Color Run

Sunday– 5.5 mi

photo (36)     photo (40)

Summary of week 15:

Monday-Bike 30 mins, ab video, & hip hop cardio class

Tuesday-6 mi tempo run (hard!) 

Wednesday-6 x 400m

Thursday– Cross training of some kind


Saturday– Rest

Sunday– Cleveland marathon

Did anyone else do the Color Run?

Quinoa pasta: yea or nay?

Week 14- Cleveland Marathon Training

Monday-45 minute bike ride + Ab video

Tuesday-Speed work with group

Hello again!! I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine. The beautiful weather has me especially excited for all kinds of fun this summer.

Last week was a tough running week due to recovering from my 20 miles but also keeping up with the training plan. I enjoyed a group run on Saturday and had a great little bike ride yesterday evening. I also hit up an ab video, because I have been super lazy in the core department. I just did a video I own called Turbo Fire 10 minute Abs. I was telling Kevin how crazy it is that I can be in the best running shape of my life, but still be so weak in other areas like core and strength. Oh well! There will be time to work on being well-rounded this summer!

Here is Kevin’s idea of a workout compared to mine.

photo (29) photo (30)    photo (9)

Ha! Please forgive me for posting these pictures of you Kevin. Especially because you told me to stop taking pictures. Smile 

I am super obsessed with iced coffee right now! I like it black with just a single cream or some almond milk. It is so delicious. Also, I have been eating some multigrain waffles to switch it up. Here is a picture of two with PB, banana, cranberries, and chia seeds.

photo (28)      photo (31)

Summary of the week:

Monday–  Bike 45 mins + Hip hop cardio class

Tuesday-8 x 800m @ 7:45

Wednesday-House hunting!

Thursday-7 mi tempo run 


Saturday– 13 mi

Sunday– Rest

What types of exercise have you been enjoying lately?

Have you been taking your workout outdoors?

May, marathon prep, & running vocabulary

Wednesday-Rest & house hunting

I am anxiously awaiting the Cleveland marathon that is 2.5 weeks away. It always seems like a training plan goes on forever, but then the day arrives. I especially feel ready to go now that both of my 20 mile runs are complete. Let’s do this! My expectations for the race are to have a pain-free run, get a new PR, and enjoy Cleveland with Kevin.



I bought a new running shirt and I’ve got new shoes to break in for race day. I usually like to wear and try everything that I will use on the actual day on my 20 mile run. I feel like a veteran at marathons by now, and I know what will work for me and what won’t. This is my 4th marathon!

I thought it would be fun to go over some running words that readers might not know.

Running Vocabulary

PRYour personal record for a certain distance

LSD-Long slow distance run used for training for longer races

Negative Splits-Running the second half of a race faster than the first half

Taper-The decrease in mileage the week or 2 prior to a race

Running the tangents-Staying on a straight path through all turns in a course to run the exact race mileage.


I am hoping to make May an amazing month! I would like to try some new fruits and vegetables this month, make more delicious smoothies, and plan some date nights with the husband. We need a few fun nights away from house hunting and commuting. Smile

What are you looking forward to this month?