Week 14- Cleveland Marathon Training

Monday-45 minute bike ride + Ab video

Tuesday-Speed work with group

Hello again!! I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine. The beautiful weather has me especially excited for all kinds of fun this summer.

Last week was a tough running week due to recovering from my 20 miles but also keeping up with the training plan. I enjoyed a group run on Saturday and had a great little bike ride yesterday evening. I also hit up an ab video, because I have been super lazy in the core department. I just did a video I own called Turbo Fire 10 minute Abs. I was telling Kevin how crazy it is that I can be in the best running shape of my life, but still be so weak in other areas like core and strength. Oh well! There will be time to work on being well-rounded this summer!

Here is Kevin’s idea of a workout compared to mine.

photo (29) photo (30)    photo (9)

Ha! Please forgive me for posting these pictures of you Kevin. Especially because you told me to stop taking pictures. Smile 

I am super obsessed with iced coffee right now! I like it black with just a single cream or some almond milk. It is so delicious. Also, I have been eating some multigrain waffles to switch it up. Here is a picture of two with PB, banana, cranberries, and chia seeds.

photo (28)      photo (31)

Summary of the week:

Monday–  Bike 45 mins + Hip hop cardio class

Tuesday-8 x 800m @ 7:45

Wednesday-House hunting!

Thursday-7 mi tempo run 


Saturday– 13 mi

Sunday– Rest

What types of exercise have you been enjoying lately?

Have you been taking your workout outdoors?


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