Week 15 & 16- Cleveland Marathon Training

Tuesday-6 mi tempo run

Today-6 x 400m

Hey there Wednesday. Thanks for the gorgeous weather.

I am combining these last 2 weeks of training summaries because I am behind with last week and also pretty much done with training for this week. I’m also done with training for this marathon! Is that crazy or what? The 16 weeks really flew by, and I had some great running buddies this season to help.

Thanks to…

TJ, Kristy, Melissa, Chelsea, Amy, PH 1/2 marathon training group & Kevin

In other news, Kevin and I ran the Color Run last weekend and we had a really fun day. I will review the race soon. Also, we may have found a house but we are waiting for the final agreement! EEK! We can’t wait to own our first home. Smile

Also, I tried some quinoa pasta and loved it! I am serious about my carb-loading this week.

photo (44)        photo (43)

Summary of week 15:

Monday-45 min bike ride + ab video

Tuesday-5 x 800ms with local 1/2 marathon training group

Wednesday-6 mi group run + ab video

Thursday– House hunting Smile


Saturday– 5k Color Run

Sunday– 5.5 mi

photo (36)     photo (40)

Summary of week 15:

Monday-Bike 30 mins, ab video, & hip hop cardio class

Tuesday-6 mi tempo run (hard!) 

Wednesday-6 x 400m

Thursday– Cross training of some kind


Saturday– Rest

Sunday– Cleveland marathon

Did anyone else do the Color Run?

Quinoa pasta: yea or nay?

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