26.2 miles of crazy

**I set this post to publish this morning! I finished the marathon in 4:22!

I realized today that I will be running 26.2 miles a month before my 26th birthday! Crazy and super cool timing, right? 26 just might be my new lucky number. At least for this year.

I had a great and really tough training season and I pushed myself to speeds and 20 mile runs that I didn’t know I was capable of.



I loved sprinting around my neighborhood at 5am, and getting more into biking and swimming for cross training.


I loved meeting new running friends and I enjoyed the comfort of running with family.




I loved learning to run and dress for winter running, and using and abusing the treadmill.


I loved how running & training kept me sane when life was stressful.

And now…words from Melissa

Cleveland spring marathon, it’s almost time.
Your motivation and dedication should be a crime.
Through snow, ice and rain you ran.
Checking off tempo and sprints on your plan.
Running circles in your neighborhood.
I don’t know how you did it, it’s amazing you could.
You are strong and ready for this race.
Just breathe and steady your pace.
I am so sad to miss this day
All your hard work will for sure pay
Smile, blog, run, gu and repeat.
You have 26.2 miles to go on those feet.
Love u Lo!!

 photo (25)

Here we go for 26.2 miles!!


One response to “26.2 miles of crazy

  1. What a great race for you! Am so very proud, you really inspire me to push myself. Am going to give run faster, run less a try!

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