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Running: Alone or with friends

Today- 1/2 marathon

Today I ran the Blue Water Half Marathon and had a great race! My sister and brother-in law ran as well, and we all had a PR. PR city!! My time was 1:57 and improved from 2:12 a few years ago. I felt that my training all spring for the Cleveland Marathon finally gave me some results. Hooray for awesome races and awesome weather. Race recap coming soon!


I have been enjoying a lot more group runs this year. It started when the local running store started up a Wednesday night group. Those group runs have kind of fizzled out, but I have been meeting other runners around town too. I have always loved running with my sister-in law Melissa and occasionally Kevin and I will run together.


I find running with someone very enjoyable. It helps the time pass quickly and is a great place to share and talk through things. Something about the conversation + exercise + endorphins makes me feel super awesome. It is more difficult to keep up a conversation if the goal of the run is to work on speed. Although, it can be nice to suffer in silence with someone else during a tough run. Another great reason to run with other people is to change up your pace & route. Run with someone faster to challenge yourself, or run with someone a bit slower than you to challenge them.


I like running by myself as well, and I probably do this at least 1/2 of my runs. My favorite time of day to run by myself is really early in the morning. It is nice to clear your mind & relax on your own.

Do you like running alone or with a friend?


Run Less, Run Faster Review

 Today-Barbell blast class + 3 mi run

I realized that I never reviewed my training program from the Cleveland Marathon. I wanted to give a summary of the program as well as the parts I enjoyed and found challenging.


I chose this program and bought the book when some local runners told me about the 3 days/week program with speed work. I had previously used Hal Higdon’s training plans and I wanted to try something new. I was intimidated by the speed work but figured it’s time to see if I can run any faster. The program features 3 run days, 2 days of cross training, and 2 days of rest. The idea behind the program is that by running more focused and intense miles, and less miles overall- runners can improve their race times without risking injury through overtraining.

The program has training plans for all race lengths, including specific information on pacing for speed work & long runs. It also includes Boston Qualifying specific paces.

I really liked the speed work and found the recommended paces to be a perfect challenge for me. I liked having 3 run days a week because it made my schedule more flexible is something came up.

The book recommends specific cross-training (swimming, cycling, & rowing only) and specific strength training. I found myself wanting to take other classes and do more weight lifting. I think next time I would be more flexible with the cross training and keep taking some group classes.

I increased my marathon time by 9 minutes, and I think it would have been more if the heat hadn’t taken me down. I’m definitely going to use the program again for my next marathon!

What training plans have you liked?

Have you ever created your own training plan?

Birthdays & local news

Today- 6 x 400m repeats

I had to get out super early to run today because the heat and humidity have been so tough. I forgot how peaceful the early morning hours can be. I need to keep it up!

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend. Kevin had drill this weekend so we waited to celebrate until yesterday. I had a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to closing and moving into our house the following. Here are a few highlights.

photo (33) photo (32)

My mom and I celebrating our birthdays. Walleye and pickerel, so good!

photo (31) photo (30)

Birthday flowers delivered to the door. Thanks Kevin!

photo (29) 

Sailing with my dad.

photo (28) photo (27)

photo (26)

Yoga at China Lite yesterday.

photo (25)

Out to dinner with Kevin + outtakes

photo (22)

photo (21) photo (23)

Another fun little something is that my picture was in my local paper this past Sunday. The photos were taken over a week ago during one of our training runs for the Blue Water Half Marathon. I was unhappy with the picture but the article is really great! I’m excited for this race.

What have you been up to!?

Anyone racing this next weekend?

Post-run routine

Today-8 mi with Melissa

photo (19)

photo (20)

Last night I went to play Whirly Ball for Mitch’s 30th birthday. It was a really great time. I stayed the night and Melissa and I hit the pavement before she had to leave for work. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on my way home for an iced coffee and egg white breakfast sandwich.

photo (18)

Everyone has different running routines. I meet runners all the time that hit the same routes as me, but they might take a different sidewalk or skip a particular corner. It’s interesting when someone changes their habit because you can tell it is new/different for them. I think runners in general might be people of habit. I know I am.


After my first marathon

Usually post-run I like to walk a little to cool down, especially in the summer. While walking I check the run stats on my garmin. Next, I like to grab water and find a good spot to stretch, usually my driveway. Then I head inside and find someone who will listen to the summary of my run.

After seeing eyes glaze over I either shower or change into dry clothes. If I wear my sweaty clothes for too long I start to get chilled. I usually stretch some more, make a coffee, and figure out something to eat. I try to eat within 30 minutes of exercise to refuel and maximize recovery.

What is your routine after running?

WIAW-What I ate Wednesday

Today-Extreme Fitness Class & Spin

This WIAW post is dedicated to my brother-in law Mitch because he did a great job turning 30 on Monday.

On Monday I took a really awesome yoga class. It was at a local Chinese restaurant in a back banquet room. Interesting, right? The class was 90 minutes long and it was only $3.00. I can’t wait to go again next week.

I had overnight oats for breakfast before my exercise classes. Last night I combined a 6oz container of chobani greek yogurt, 2/3 cup oats, 2 tbls chia seeds, & 1/2 cup almond milk. It was a huge serving so I only had half for breakfast with strawberries, and the other half for an afternoon snack. Yum!

photo (15)

I went to lunch at Panera Bread again. I promise I don’t go everyday. I went with my mother-in law today and we had a very nice meal. I ordered 1/2 tuna salad sandwich & cafe salad. I love seeing the calorie counts on the menu so I can make healthy choices.

photo (17)

photo (16)

Tonight Kevin and I celebrated my mom’s birthday. We had tuna noodle casserole & fruit salad.

002 003

Followed by strawberry shortcake minus the icecream!


Tell me about your yummy eats & treats!

Healthy Living Apps

Today-Glutes-Guns-Guts class + 5 mi tempo

Here are a few pictures of lately!

photo (11) photo (12)

photo (13)

Sandwich on marble rye bread with craisins & walnuts

photo (14)

Spinach, whey protein, frozen banana, frozen mango & flax seed smoothie

Did I tell you that I have a new iphone? I bet you could tell based on my great pictures recently. I am really enjoying having a phone that can handle the newest apps. Apps are really amazing tools for healthy living too!

My go-to tracker for food & exercise has been Lose It. I really like this app and it’s super easy to use. It has any and every food and workout you can imagine. You simply plug in your workouts and eats for the day and it will keep track of your progress toward your goals. The app tells you how much to eat if you want to lose a certain amount of weight.

I am trying out My Fitness Pal currently. It is very similar to Lose It but it has a few more stats on the food that you are eating. It can tell you the amount of protein, fiber, and fat in a food item. The only problem I find with tracking workouts is I feel the “calories burned” estimate is always a little bit high. A 3 mile run for me at a 9 minute pace wouldn’t burn as much as someone just starting to run. And when I strength train I move quickly and sweat like crazy so I know I’m working really hard and probably burning more than the estimate. I try to balance the predicted calories burned with my perceived exertion to determine what range I’m in.

Another app that my friend Alli told me about is called Fooducate and this another way of tracking food. I really like this app for checking on foods to see their rating on the program. You can check certain food items to find out which are top rated as healthy. For example, Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal is rated A-, and has notes such as 100% whole grain, 24% daily fiber, and natural added flavors. To compare, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is rated a C+ because of low fiber, amount of sugar, and highly processed with additives like BHT.

Some other apps that I have heard of for exercise are Runtastic & Couch to 5k. All rave reviews!

Working out & eating healthy have never been easier.

What apps do you use for healthy living?

WIAW-What I ate Wednesday

Today-Extreme Fitness & Spin Class

My favorite part about being off for the summer is being able to kick my workouts into high gear. I love having a flexible schedule and more time to dedicate to my favorite hobby. Today I went to two 60 minute group fitness classes and loved every minute.

photo (8)

Spin class was set up for an outdoor ride. We did an interval ride and it was a great change of scenery. The extreme fitness class was packed and incorporated a mix of high intensity cardio and strength. I was super sweaty! I needed 1/2 a bar between classes and came prepared.

Breakfast was a whole wheat english muffin with almond butter, blueberries, cinnamon & chia seeds. I had strawberries and an un-pictured banana on the side. Cup of coffee w/ almond milk too.

photo (6)

I had 1/2 a Luna bar between classes & the other 1/2 on my way home.


My dad and I had a chance to check out the new Panera Bread in our town. It was really busy but the food & service was great. I had my usual Panera order of 1/2 classic salad, black bean soup, & whole grain baguette.

photo (7)

Before going to the movies I had a salad with a hard-boiled egg & some beer bread from a mix I had.


photo (9)

Teddy grahams during the movie and melon before bed!


photo (10)

Did you have any great meals/treats today?