Post-marathon, June, & Reactions

Saturday-Spin class

Today-7 mi run with Kevin

Post-marathon life has been relaxing and fun. I have been incorporating some weight lifting into my routine and watching my portions more carefully. I have stayed up later in the evenings, and eased up on my miles. Life has been good.

I had an exercise induced allergic reaction on Thursday evening. EIA –Exercise Induced Allergies is a real diagnosis. It is a combination of exercise and another (often unknown) trigger that causes hives, and swelling of the mouth area, eyes, and ears. This was my third allergic reaction over the course of a few years, and it’s always so unexpected. My eyelids were the strangest part about this reaction because they were so swollen that I could barely close my eyes together. Weird and a bit scary! I also had the hives on my arms and back and a swollen tongue, lips, and ears. Here is my arm with some hives.

photo (1)

My immediate plan to ward off any more reactions is to run only in the morning on an empty stomach, run during cool times of the day, and run my typical routes that my family is aware of. Also, I am keeping benadryl with me, and trying to stay really hydrated while running.


June!!!! Oh, June, how I love thee so. This is my favorite month of the year for many reasons. I started dating my husband in June, my birthday is in June, it’s the start of summer, and also the excitement of school coming to an end. The first few beach and barbeque days are so wonderful and exciting. I always appreciate summer and nice weather so much in June.

I have my friend Alli’s bridal shower next weekend and I can’t wait to have a fun girls weekend and celebrate the bride. I’m excited for my last day of school this Thursday, and closing on our house! I want to make June last forever. Here are some of my goals and ideas for June.

  • Tell & show people in my life that I love them.
  • Run through a sprinkler.
  • Make homemade iced coffee.
  • Buy fresh flowers.
  • Run, yoga, lift, swim
  • Organize my clothes and donate items.
  • Get ready to be forever busy with our new house.
  • Catch up with friends.

Happy June everyone!

What do you have planned for this month?


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