Insanity Review & Shower

Today-Insanity (Plyometric Cardio Circuit)

Yesterday I went to a beautiful bridal shower for my friend Alli. The food was great and the desserts were off the hook. Alli was so cute about opening her gifts and she was very grateful for all of the love.

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Today I am stuck at home because my car AC is getting fixed. And it’s a rainy & gloomy day. I decided a workout dvd would be my best option for getting a good sweat in. I went with my favorite Shaun T’s Insanity. I did the Insanity videos for a month before my wedding and loved my results. I felt that my core had never been stronger and I was really happy with how I looked for my bridal events.


Insanity is REALLY tough! The workouts are Max Interval Training which means there are long bursts of really intense exercise movements followed by short 30 seconds rest intervals. Just enough time to take a drink and wipe off the sweat. I am usually sweating already by the end of the warm-up.

For insanity you need the dvd, a towel, and a large container of water. I usually wear my cross-training shoes, shorts, and a sports bra. I like to wear just a sports bra so I can really focus on keeping my core tight and I stay cooler. Plus, I’m at home and don’t care how I look.

The exercises are a lot of quick feet drills, high knees, jumping squats, and suicide drills. Each dvd is different and the longest Max dvd’s are super intense. Shaun-T does a stretching sequence after the warm-up and again at the end. He is really motivating and I like seeing the people in his class.

Now I just do insanity when I need a quick & sweaty workout at home. I really enjoyed doing the whole program for a month, but right now I am trying to focus on being well-rounded and incorporating lots of different workouts.

Have you tried Insanity?

What is your favorite at-home workout option?


One response to “Insanity Review & Shower

  1. Insanity is bananas!! You’re so good for keeping it up!

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