Lunch date & Spirit of the Marathon 2

6 mi run, 9:15 average pace

I had lunch today with my awesome teacher friend Jacylyn. We went to CPK and I had the quinoa & arugula salad. It was really good and I love that this restaurant offers lots of entrees that are packed with veggies. This salad had a lot of protein and fiber too! (Not my picture). Jacylyn had the roasted veggie salad which is amazing too.

I knew that I needed to post today, because I was reminded through facebook that The Spirit of The Marathon 2 is playing in select theaters tomorrow June 12th at 7pm. There is even a showing in my local area! I’m really excited and talked Kevin into going with me :). Husband of the year people.


I watched the first movie last fall before I ran Chicago. This was really cool because the movie follows different runners on their journey to the Chicago Marathon. It highlights elite runners, first time marathoners, and runners hoping to qualify for Boston. The movie follows their training from the beginning to race day. The sequel is about the Rome Marathon. I’m pumped!

I need motivation to get excited about training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon in the fall. I hope this will help!

Anyone else going to see Spirit of the Marathon 2?

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