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Today-Glutes-Guns-Guts class + 5 mi tempo

Here are a few pictures of lately!

photo (11) photo (12)

photo (13)

Sandwich on marble rye bread with craisins & walnuts

photo (14)

Spinach, whey protein, frozen banana, frozen mango & flax seed smoothie

Did I tell you that I have a new iphone? I bet you could tell based on my great pictures recently. I am really enjoying having a phone that can handle the newest apps. Apps are really amazing tools for healthy living too!

My go-to tracker for food & exercise has been Lose It. I really like this app and it’s super easy to use. It has any and every food and workout you can imagine. You simply plug in your workouts and eats for the day and it will keep track of your progress toward your goals. The app tells you how much to eat if you want to lose a certain amount of weight.

I am trying out My Fitness Pal currently. It is very similar to Lose It but it has a few more stats on the food that you are eating. It can tell you the amount of protein, fiber, and fat in a food item. The only problem I find with tracking workouts is I feel the “calories burned” estimate is always a little bit high. A 3 mile run for me at a 9 minute pace wouldn’t burn as much as someone just starting to run. And when I strength train I move quickly and sweat like crazy so I know I’m working really hard and probably burning more than the estimate. I try to balance the predicted calories burned with my perceived exertion to determine what range I’m in.

Another app that my friend Alli told me about is called Fooducate and this another way of tracking food. I really like this app for checking on foods to see their rating on the program. You can check certain food items to find out which are top rated as healthy. For example, Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal is rated A-, and has notes such as 100% whole grain, 24% daily fiber, and natural added flavors. To compare, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal is rated a C+ because of low fiber, amount of sugar, and highly processed with additives like BHT.

Some other apps that I have heard of for exercise are Runtastic & Couch to 5k. All rave reviews!

Working out & eating healthy have never been easier.

What apps do you use for healthy living?


4 responses to “Healthy Living Apps

  1. I am an avid myfitnesspal user and I wear a heart rate monitor when I run and work out. It always over estimates my burn but I just go in and over ride it. Depending on the run, a 3 milers is usually off by like 25 cals but a 15 miler would be off by like 150 or so. Hope that helps you estimate a little better if you wanna keep using it. I love that this app you can scan the barcodes of things too!!

  2. Great app ideas, thank you! just started using mapmyride app and it is pretty legit so far for biking!

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