Post-run routine

Today-8 mi with Melissa

photo (19)

photo (20)

Last night I went to play Whirly Ball for Mitch’s 30th birthday. It was a really great time. I stayed the night and Melissa and I hit the pavement before she had to leave for work. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on my way home for an iced coffee and egg white breakfast sandwich.

photo (18)

Everyone has different running routines. I meet runners all the time that hit the same routes as me, but they might take a different sidewalk or skip a particular corner. It’s interesting when someone changes their habit because you can tell it is new/different for them. I think runners in general might be people of habit. I know I am.


After my first marathon

Usually post-run I like to walk a little to cool down, especially in the summer. While walking I check the run stats on my garmin. Next, I like to grab water and find a good spot to stretch, usually my driveway. Then I head inside and find someone who will listen to the summary of my run.

After seeing eyes glaze over I either shower or change into dry clothes. If I wear my sweaty clothes for too long I start to get chilled. I usually stretch some more, make a coffee, and figure out something to eat. I try to eat within 30 minutes of exercise to refuel and maximize recovery.

What is your routine after running?


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  1. Thanks again for visiting – so much fun!! And glad you had a good run this morning with Melly 🙂


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