Birthdays & local news

Today- 6 x 400m repeats

I had to get out super early to run today because the heat and humidity have been so tough. I forgot how peaceful the early morning hours can be. I need to keep it up!

I celebrated my birthday over the weekend. Kevin had drill this weekend so we waited to celebrate until yesterday. I had a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to closing and moving into our house the following. Here are a few highlights.

photo (33) photo (32)

My mom and I celebrating our birthdays. Walleye and pickerel, so good!

photo (31) photo (30)

Birthday flowers delivered to the door. Thanks Kevin!

photo (29) 

Sailing with my dad.

photo (28) photo (27)

photo (26)

Yoga at China Lite yesterday.

photo (25)

Out to dinner with Kevin + outtakes

photo (22)

photo (21) photo (23)

Another fun little something is that my picture was in my local paper this past Sunday. The photos were taken over a week ago during one of our training runs for the Blue Water Half Marathon. I was unhappy with the picture but the article is really great! I’m excited for this race.

What have you been up to!?

Anyone racing this next weekend?

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