Run Less, Run Faster Review

 Today-Barbell blast class + 3 mi run

I realized that I never reviewed my training program from the Cleveland Marathon. I wanted to give a summary of the program as well as the parts I enjoyed and found challenging.


I chose this program and bought the book when some local runners told me about the 3 days/week program with speed work. I had previously used Hal Higdon’s training plans and I wanted to try something new. I was intimidated by the speed work but figured it’s time to see if I can run any faster. The program features 3 run days, 2 days of cross training, and 2 days of rest. The idea behind the program is that by running more focused and intense miles, and less miles overall- runners can improve their race times without risking injury through overtraining.

The program has training plans for all race lengths, including specific information on pacing for speed work & long runs. It also includes Boston Qualifying specific paces.

I really liked the speed work and found the recommended paces to be a perfect challenge for me. I liked having 3 run days a week because it made my schedule more flexible is something came up.

The book recommends specific cross-training (swimming, cycling, & rowing only) and specific strength training. I found myself wanting to take other classes and do more weight lifting. I think next time I would be more flexible with the cross training and keep taking some group classes.

I increased my marathon time by 9 minutes, and I think it would have been more if the heat hadn’t taken me down. I’m definitely going to use the program again for my next marathon!

What training plans have you liked?

Have you ever created your own training plan?


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