Running: Alone or with friends

Today- 1/2 marathon

Today I ran the Blue Water Half Marathon and had a great race! My sister and brother-in law ran as well, and we all had a PR. PR city!! My time was 1:57 and improved from 2:12 a few years ago. I felt that my training all spring for the Cleveland Marathon finally gave me some results. Hooray for awesome races and awesome weather. Race recap coming soon!


I have been enjoying a lot more group runs this year. It started when the local running store started up a Wednesday night group. Those group runs have kind of fizzled out, but I have been meeting other runners around town too. I have always loved running with my sister-in law Melissa and occasionally Kevin and I will run together.


I find running with someone very enjoyable. It helps the time pass quickly and is a great place to share and talk through things. Something about the conversation + exercise + endorphins makes me feel super awesome. It is more difficult to keep up a conversation if the goal of the run is to work on speed. Although, it can be nice to suffer in silence with someone else during a tough run. Another great reason to run with other people is to change up your pace & route. Run with someone faster to challenge yourself, or run with someone a bit slower than you to challenge them.


I like running by myself as well, and I probably do this at least 1/2 of my runs. My favorite time of day to run by myself is really early in the morning. It is nice to clear your mind & relax on your own.

Do you like running alone or with a friend?


6 responses to “Running: Alone or with friends

  1. I love running with other people.. I think it challenges me more and I’m less likely to slack off. Although, heading out for an unplanned run can be a great way to clear my head during the work week. Congrats on your PR! 🙂

  2. Kim Lewandowski

    I like running with friends and I really like running with you! Hopefully we can get together and continue our runs!

  3. What a great race POHO!!! I always like running with friends more. It helps to keep you going, I really needed a friend or some kind of crowd support around mile 10 during the half. However, I am very proud of myself for running the half solo. Almost like an additional accomplishment!

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