10 days- No Running

Today-Sunrise yoga + walking

It has been a wild few weeks lately but I’m back to tell the story! I was dealing with some family events, but everyone is well and happy. I am really itching to run after having to take 10 days off. I can run again on Sunday! The reason I’m not running is because I had a little fainting/head bumping incident and was told not to run for awhile. It has been good to avoid this heat wave, but some endorphins would be nice.

Anyways, I’m great now and life is settling down a bit.

I still need to catch up on a review of the Blue Water Half Marathon with a new PR, new house fun, and an adventurous camping trip from the other weekend. We will get there.

Today was my second day this week at sunrise yoga on the beach. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! I love how peaceful and quiet the beach is and I can really relax. After that I did some walking with my dad, and then later with my friend Brittany.

Did you know that $1.06 can buy happiness? Iced coffee to the rescue!

photo (63)

A little beach time is in order.

What is new with you!?

Has anyone else been camping this summer?


One response to “10 days- No Running

  1. welcome back!!!

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