Injury update + meals

Saturday-8.5 miles with Melissa

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. Kevin’s family is in town and we have been enjoying games and beach time. I went out for a run with Melissa on Saturday (sorry running group friends!) and it was somewhat successful. I wanted to try to run a bit longer to find out how my recovery is going. Melissa rocked 14 miles! I did a 3 mile run this past week with no pain during or after.

During the 8.5 miles I started to get pretty sore in the last few, and I had some soreness that day and the following. I need to make some decisions about upcoming races and it is really tough for me. I am most likely going to be skipping my favorite Crim 10 mile race in Flint in two weeks. I know the hills would be pretty brutal on my achilles.

As for Detroit Marathon in October, I’m not making any decisions just yet.  I want to see how running feels in the next month. I could always run the 1/2 and be there to cheer Melissa in at the finish. Lot’s of good options.

photo (15)

Roasted vegetable salad w/ shrimp from California Pizza Kitchen

photo (14)

Chicken salad w/ walnuts & cranberries in a kale wrap

photo (13)

Turkey, swiss, & kale roll-up with veggies

photo (10)

Sunday morning coffee & smoothie outside


Anyone else on a kale kick?

What seasonal produce are you enjoying?


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