Coconut Oil

Tuesday-Late afternoon walk

photo (64)

This stuff is everywhere! I made a greek chicken recipe last week and I used coconut oil. It didn’t give off a coconut taste, and was really easy to use.

photo (44)

Here is some sautéed kale, and I used coconut oil in my homemade mac and cheese.

photo (66)photo (67)

Health Benefits

There are a great many health benefits from coconut oil. Coconut oil can reduce your cholesterol because of the saturated fat called lauric acid.

Also, the oil helps the body use energy more efficiently, which can lead to weight loss and the loss of belly fat.

Coconut oil can boost thyroid function which improves your metabolism and energy levels.

How to Use it

Coconut oil can withstand heat so it is great to cook with and still maintains its nutritional value. For the greek chicken, I just melted the oil and poured it over cubed chicken. It has a solid consistency at room temperature but melts easily. I have also used coconut oil in place of butter or olive oil. I still need to try a dessert with coconut oil! Yum!

Have you tried coconut oil yet!? What about other products like coconut flour?


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