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Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon Review

Wednesday-7 mi tempo

Thursday-45 min bike

Last weekend I completed my first triathlon. This indoor triathlon was put on by Lifetime Fitness in Shelby Township. Triathlons have always intimidated me, so this was a great chance to ease into the sport. It was a relaxed easy going race and everyone was really friendly. Plus the gym is amazing and I would love to be a member at some point! I also learned that they have a running group that heads out a few times a week. Score.


We arrived about 40 minutes early and checked in at the member activity station. They handed us a bib, locker room key, and a hat. Next, we had a tour of the triathlon areas, and the locker room.


In the locker room, Melissa and I set up our gear for the biking and running portions, and headed out to the pool. Basically, the transition station.


A few minutes before our swim wave started we listened to some directions. 3 whistles with 1 minute left, and then a whistle to end the heat. We had 10 minutes to swim as many laps as we could. I felt relieved to know that the pool was pretty shallow and I had a lane to myself. I threw on my swim cap and was off. I swam 13 laps in 10 minutes. Not great, but better than my anticipated 10 laps and/or panic attack.

Post swim we had 10 minutes to change and get on our bikes. It definitely went quicker than I anticipated and I was tired already! I guess it didn’t help that I had run quite a few miles the day and week before. The picture must be blurry because of my crazy fast legs. Ha.


We had 30 minutes to bike, and the spin room had loud music playing. I brought a water bottle and a sport drink. The above hat helped me look presentable after swimming. I biked 20.6 miles, despite a mess-up with my bike calculator. Melissa and Mitch rocked the bikes too.



After 30 minutes our distance was recorded, and we took our jello-legs up to the treadmills. The running section was 20 minutes long and counted total miles. I started with an 8:30 pace and only made it below 8:00 minute miles for the last 5 minutes. I was tired! Melissa encouraged me to push it the last minute.  I ran a total of 2.35 miles at 0% incline.

I loved the indoor triathlon and I want to do a few more before I attempt a real outdoor triathlon. Swimming is still a challenge for me, especially maintaining even breathing. I tend to panic and then find myself exhausted and breathing heavily after 2 laps of free style. Must practice more!


The best part of an indoor triathlon is that you don’t need any expensive gear. It is a great test of your overall endurance because you are performing 3 different sports. I love the challenge and I bet you would too!

Tell me about your triathlon experiences!