Guest Post: Crossfit

Here is a post from my girl Melissa about her experience with Crossfit! Enjoy.


I finally did it, I decided to try Crossfit! If you watch any videos or look at any Crossfit pictures online, it is pretty intimidating. The other item that has kept me away is the price, however I decided to splurge! I went to a Crossfit in Ann Arbor, which so far has been a great experience. They have you go through 10 sessions of personal training before they allow you to do class. During these sessions you learn technique so that when you are ready for class you have the correct form.

The first night I walked in there was a class going on, so of course I was checking it out. People were swinging the kettle bell then going over and doing pull ups, needless to say, I was IMPRESSED. The first time you it is your “tryout”.  They make sure that you are committed to the program and are doing it for the right reasons and before I even got to this “tryout” , I had to email them the reason I wanted to come to Crossfit. Which for me, was mostly to push myself harder, I definitely do not work out with weights enough and especially not heavy weights. In a way I was looking for more confidence when using weights and I definitely think I am going to have it by the end. For my tryout I had to do a few things, row, squat, sit up and pushups. It was not anything crazy but I was sweating. I decided that I liked it well enough, I wanted to get better. I signed up for my first personal training session!

So far I have been learning their squat technique, which is a much deeper squat than my normal sit in a chair mid-level squat. My second session was more squats and then learning how to use the bench press bar (without weights).  I learned how to do a dead lift, overheard press and a weighted squat. Literally there was so much to think about, keeping my core tight when doing an overhead press and my back straight but chest up doing a deadlift. Not to mention if my knees were slightly bent, bend or locked. It is defiantly going to take practice for it to become second nature to me.  My third class is tomorrow morning and I am looking forward to building on everything I have learned so far! In a few weeks I will probably be challenging family members to squat contests and arm wrestling!

Has anyone else tried Crossfit? What did you think?


The dreaded first injury

Today-60 min walk

Well friends, the reason I haven’t been writing about running is because I haven’t been running. I pulled my achilles tendon a few weeks back while doing some speed work. I know I pushed myself too hard on those sprints, but I still wonder if this was a one time pushing off the ball of my foot deal or if it was more cumulative.

I have taken 17 days off and got back to running a little this week. I ran twice, 3 miles and 3.5 miles. Both felt pretty good, but left me sore the following day. I am now taking more days off between runs, using icy hot, and massaging the area. This is my short term solution. I am going to try and see how far I can run this Sunday to give me an idea of how I need to change my future race plans.

The long term solution is to take 6-8 weeks off and rest it completely. I’m being honest when I say I will probably wait until the winter to take time off for complete healing. My goal right now is to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

photo (6)

*Walking, super sunny

I have been walking, doing some strength and core, and some biking. It’s not quite the same but it’s helping me feel somewhat normal. Talking to my injury coach Melissa makes everything better too!

In other news, I have been experimenting with adding chicken and turkey back into my diet. I have been eating it daily for a while now, and I haven’t noticed any difference in how I feel. It has been nice to share dinners with Kevin, and have more options at restaurants though.

photo (4)

photo (5) 

*Spinach salad with chicken and turkey pita with kale chips

I have been loving smoothies lately too!

photo (3)

And crab!

Tell me about any injuries you have faced. How did you get through it?

What are you eating in August?

Blue Water Half Marathon

Today-Elliptical, bike, & strength

Today we are going way back to June 30th! That was the date of the Blue Water Half Marathon in Port Huron. It was the first long distance race in this town in a long time. The best cheerleaders were out on the course too. 😉

Robert, Melissa, and I headed to the race at a compromised hour of the morning. We may or may not have family members that like to show up to races at different time frames. I am just happy to have someone else drive & park. Both were easy!

photo (37)

photo (38)

I wasn’t sure what I expected from this race other than to have fun. The weather is such a huge factor and with the late date in June I knew I would have to be flexible with slowing down. Race morning-it was perfect! Nice and cool and slightly overcast.

photo (40)

I chased and chatted with a few other runners, but mostly ran alone. I was able to pick up my pace in the second half, and especially in the last 3 miles.

photo (41) 

I finished with a time of 1:57 and improved my time by 15 minutes from a few years back. I forgot how wonderful half marathons are and I would like to make 2014 the year of the half marathon.

photo (1)

It was PR central for all three of us! Many other runners I know had their best times too. It was a fast course despite a lot of turns. The only drawback was a pretty rocky area in the last mile or so. I have heard they are working on some changes for next year!

photo (39)

What do you think makes a good race?

Bear in Area

Today-More rest

I am still waiting to run again. I thought it might be fun to go through our latest camping trip with Mitch & Melissa. We went to Tobermory in the Bruce Peninsula.

photo (84)

photo (87)

photo (88)

photo (74)

photo (86)

photo (85)

photo (71)

photo (75)

photo (79)

photo (78)

photo (76)

photo (67)

photo (68)

photo (72)

photo (69)

That was the story in pictures! A few more details: We hiked 2 hours just to get to our campsite and had to climb down a steep cliff. Our campsite was right on the shore of the Georgian Bay. A sign told us “Bear in Area”, not just beware of bears. We did not see a bear or any of the areas rattlesnakes. The water was absolutely perfect and absolutely freezing!! Where we live on Lake Huron the water is really warming up now, but this water took your breath away.

We made lots of great memories and got to visit such a beautiful place.

That’s pretty awesome.

What is the most beautiful place you have traveled to?

10 days- No Running

Today-Sunrise yoga + walking

It has been a wild few weeks lately but I’m back to tell the story! I was dealing with some family events, but everyone is well and happy. I am really itching to run after having to take 10 days off. I can run again on Sunday! The reason I’m not running is because I had a little fainting/head bumping incident and was told not to run for awhile. It has been good to avoid this heat wave, but some endorphins would be nice.

Anyways, I’m great now and life is settling down a bit.

I still need to catch up on a review of the Blue Water Half Marathon with a new PR, new house fun, and an adventurous camping trip from the other weekend. We will get there.

Today was my second day this week at sunrise yoga on the beach. This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer! I love how peaceful and quiet the beach is and I can really relax. After that I did some walking with my dad, and then later with my friend Brittany.

Did you know that $1.06 can buy happiness? Iced coffee to the rescue!

photo (63)

A little beach time is in order.

What is new with you!?

Has anyone else been camping this summer?

Night Running

 Tuesday-4 mi

One way to change up your run in the summer is to try running at night. It is sometimes difficult to make it out for your run before the heat sets in and this is a way to squeeze it in.

photo (47)

Safety is the biggest concern for runners that want to hit the sidewalk at night. Here are some ways to stay safe.

  • Wear reflective clothing/vests
  • Take a flashlight
  • Don’t run with music
  • Run with a friend
  • Run familiar routes

photo (45)

Make sure you eat dinner at a reasonable hour so that your food has enough time to digest before the sun goes down. In the winter, while running in the dark (6:30pm) I would eat a Luna/Lara Bar before and wait to eat dinner after the run.

*Melissa and I went for a run at night on July 4th! We had a blast seeing the fireworks, looking for flag decor, and finishing our run on the beach.

 photo (49) photo (51)

photo (53) photo (52)

photo (50)

Do you ever run at night?

Goodbye Gym

Tonight-Evening 4 mile run planned

June was our last month at our local gym. We had to cancel our membership because we moved a town over. We are only 10-15 minutes away now, but Kevin and I both like a gym that is really close to our house. Our last 3 gyms have been less than a mile away from where we were living. Awesome! And it makes a quick run to get to the gym a nice warm-up.

So how do people pick their gym?

For Kevin and I, distance to the gym is huge and we also like to go somewhere that is reasonably priced and has the equipment we like best.

  • Proximity of the gym to our house
  • Price
  • New/well maintained equipment
  • Fitness classes (me)
  • Decent size weight room (Kevin)
  • Clean & air conditioned

Things we don’t really care about are locker rooms, tanning, sports drinks or supplements for sale, or childcare (duh).

These are our last 3 gyms. We liked the first two but the last one was rough.




We are pumped to pick a new gym and we will probably go shopping in August.

What do you like in a gym?